Project Management

The Evolution of Project Management

At Strategy Execution, we believe that all work gets done through projects. No matter what industry you’re in – and whether or not your title is “project manager” – you are probably engaged in project-based work. Because of the pervasiveness of projects in today’s business world, the discipline of project management has evolved.

Mastering the traditional skills of project management, such as managing tasks and timelines, are still essential to success, but incorporating a wider range of tools can empower project-based workers to excel in increasingly complex work environments. Among the skills our training will highlight are: resourcing, strategic thinking, problem solving, influencing, communication, and decision making.

Our project management training courses cater to the educational needs of project professionals at all levels and allow you to keep up with the growing demands of successfully managing project-based work.

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  • Planning And Managing Projects

    Planning and Managing Projects is designed to give you practical project management skills- the skills necessary in today’s dynamic environment for bringing products to market on time and with features that meet business objectives.

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  • Managing Projects

    Get a solid understanding of project management methods with this comprehensive introductory course. Gain practical experience in proven project management techniques and discover a wealth of valuable, flexible tools that can be used immediately to ensure the success of any project in any type of organisation.

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  • Scheduling and Cost Control

    This course helps attendees develop effective measures for scheduling and controlling projects by putting the tools of project management to work. The focus is on managing the constraints faced on any project: limits on time, human resources, materials, budget and specifications, and provides proven ways to work within identified constraints, without letting predefined limits curtail creativity or innovation.

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  • Risk Management

    In this Risk Management course, delegates work through the proactive approach to threat and opportunity, based on a clear understanding of the powerful nature of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management.

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  • Project Leadership Management and Communications

    Project Leadership, Management and Communications is an interactive course designed to provide a solid foundation in key leadership competencies for a truly transformational leadership experience. Participants will complete a self-assessment of their leadership skills, before mastering the basics of the following leadership competencies: setting direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring, leading teams, communicating, building relationships, facilitating ethical conduct, negotiating and leading change.

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  • NEW! Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    Master the skill to become a good project manager with this highly-facilitated one-day workshop. In this workshop we will teach you a simple 4-step model that will help you maximise project success.

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  • PMP® Exam Power Prep

    Strategy Execution’s PMP® Exam Power Prep will help ensure delegates pass the PMI’s PMP® certification exam, if they have met the PMI's requirements as put forth in the PMP® Credential Application. This intensive four-day course integrates in-depth topic reviews with morning instructor-led lecture and afternoon structured personal study time, including individual assistance from a PMP® certified instructor. Attendees will thoroughly review exam "trouble spots," use highly effective drills to accelerate their learning, receive invaluable test taking tips and take and review practice exams.

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  • IT Risk Management

    The unique challenges of IT projects make it mandatory an IT project manager be a skilled risk manager. Risk will always exist in IT projects given the need to deal with challenging requirements and expectations, complex and ever-changing technologies and business needs, and aggressive schedules and budgets to support business success. However, it is not inevitable that risk management will be an impossible task that will result in your being viewed as reactive, or worse, unresponsive.

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  • Contract Management Principles and Practices

    Project managers, contract managers and other professionals involved in the world of contracts must be able to work effectively together with customers, contractors, and subcontractors to accomplish key organisational objectives. Because contracts are developed in an increasingly complex environment, including the rising use of contracted supplies and services throughout government and industry, a solid understanding of the contracting process is critical and can give you an advantage whether you are on the buyer’s or seller’s side.

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  • Managing IT Projects

    Today’s IT projects present unique challenges to the project manager, requiring coordination with many stakeholders and integration of various technological capabilities. In this comprehensive introductory course, delegates discover critical success factors and hidden risks inherent in IT projects and leave with an understanding of strategies and techniques developed in the field by experienced IT project managers for successfully managing IT projects.

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  • Quality for Project Managers

    Quality for Project Managers applies quality principles to project management itself, as well as to the products and services resulting from projects. It brings to the forefront the essentials of project quality management and its vital link to business success, with a focus on the tools and essentials of effective quality management that work for any organisation, regardless of industry. The course shows participants how to integrate quality management concepts with project management programme to support business success.

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  • Project Management Applications

    Watch basic concepts come to life in this course, a comprehensive synthesis of core project management principles designed to reinforce skills learned throughout the core curriculum. Whether you attend the classroom or online course, you will work in teams to complete an extensive, realistic, project case study.

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  • Project Planning Analysis and Control

    This course gives intensive instruction in project management fundamentals across the entire project life cycle. It provides proven strategies and practical tools for planning, executing, and controlling a variety of projects. It also offers detailed and sophisticated instruction in the critical areas of scheduling key events, controlling costs, and managing risks.

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  • Business Process Analysis Innovation and Design

    In order to survive, organisations must become lean, flexible, innovative and customer-driven. To do this, most companies need to analyse and redesign core business processes. They must abandon old ideas about how organisations should be managed and rethink how to do things faster, better, cheaper — or whether to do them at all.

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  • Negotiation Skills for Project Managers

    Negotiation is an invaluable skill for any project manager. Not only do you negotiate agreements with vendors and contractors, but you must effectively negotiate with stakeholders, customers and team members throughout the life of a project. This three day, highly interactive experience covers the dynamics, processes and techniques of internal and external negotiation situations.

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  • Unlocking the Power of Earned Value Management

    You’ve been hearing the term Earned Value Management (EVM) for some time, and you have been introduced to the plethora of calculations involved. Management has been pushing you to explain what’s really going on in your projects, and to tell them how you know that what you’re telling them is true. What you really need is a more objective way to evaluate and control your project and to provide management accurate summary information. In short, you need Unlocking the Power of Earned Value Management.

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  • PMAppraise

    Evaluates your knowledge of each of the nine areas in the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK®).

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  • Writing Statements of Work: The Heart of Any Contract

    Widely considered the “heart of the contract,” the Statement of Work (SOW) is the foundation of the relationship between buyers and sellers. The purchase or sale of products and services can only be executed by skillfully creating the SOW document. This course is designed for practical use by requirements developers, in-house SOW team members and other project managers and contract managers whose responsibilities include properly identifying needs and turning them into quality contracts. It provides the information you need, including basic contract management concepts, to consistently develop and administer effective SOWs.

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Project Management: The Engine That Drives Strategy Brochure

Strategy Execution provides Project Management training curriculum that is adaptable to our clients’ individual needs and business goals.

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