Developing Great Project Leaders Online Course Pack

The Complete Leadership Online Course Pack

Our Leadership Online course pack is a comprehensive leadership programme covering 3 core areas to provide a holistic understanding of leadership:

1. Project Leadership, Management and Communications

Gain a solid foundation in key leadership competencies such as setting direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring, leading teams, communicating, building relationships, facilitating ethical conduct, negotiating, and leading change.
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2. Making Sense of Complexity

Learn how to recognise, diagnose, and respond appropriately to complex environments and situations in a highly interactive course setting. The course serves as an introduction and touch point to the rest of the courses in the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme.
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3. Influencing Without Authority

Adopt the attitudes and behaviours of leaders who know how to get work done through influence and persuasion whether managing up, down, across, or diagonally within organisations.
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Better Learning experience 

Instead of long full-course blocks, each course will be broken down into bite-sized learning modules.

Within every module, each objective is segmented into smaller learning-on-demand sections that allow the learner to:

e-Training Learn icon 

Learn: Access the theory and knowledge behind a particular topic

e-Training practice icon Practice: Engage in knowledge checks to ensure understanding

e-Training Review icon  Review: Reflect on the learnings to connect the content to your work

e-Training adopt icon 

Adopt: Commit to an action plan to implement what has been learned

Each of these digestible modules provides short pieces of content, followed immediately by a chance to practice comprehension of that content. In this way, learners are not flooded with information all at once and asked to repeat back the learning at the end of the course.

How it works

  • Get access to each online training course pack for six months at SGD$1800 + (GST).
  • If you need more time, you can extend the access for an additional three months at SGD$900.

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