Bring Training On-Site to Your Organisation

On-Site Training for Teams

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world rely on Strategy Execution to successfully deliver their on-site project management training programmes. We are committed to delivering programmes that address your specific objectives. We work with you to set measures for success and assess your organisational and individual skill gaps. We then design your learning program, which could include on-site courses, reinforcement workshops, consulting services and more.

Benefits of On-Site Learning

  • Dedicated, Expert Team – You will enjoy an account team composed of curriculum solutions managers, implementation specialists, logistical support, communication professionals and subject matter experts to ensure the right programme is developed to achieve your goals–and then executed flawlessly.
  • Tailored Courses – Strategy Execution can deliver off the shelf courses or we can tailor training elements to reflect your particular industry, corporate culture, goals, methodologies and tools. Plus, we are able to customise the course content, length and instructional technique to fit your unique business needs.
  • Reference Materials – Course materials come complimentary with each onsite course and can be used indefinitely as reference material thereafter to help with the application of learning back on the job.
  • Reduced Travel – Onsite training saves staff travel expense as well as time away from work.

On-Site Courses

All Strategy Execution courses are available on-site. Our curriculum includes:

Contact us to learn more about bringing on-site learning to your organisation. Call us on +65 3158 9500 or email us.